About us

Cobble Enterprises

Cobble Enterprises is a Sports Goods Manufacturing Industry started by Mian SibghatUllah and his Co-worker Malik Awais in 2018  at start it was just a store of Cricket Bats.

Later Cobble Enterprises started it's own Manufacturing unit of Cricket Bats in 2019 and introduced innovative designs of Cricket Bats which make them popular in Market acquiring 5000+ Retail customer and 100+ shops in year 2019.

In 2020 Cobble Enterprises Introduced Professional Gloves for Tapeball Cricket first time in Tapeball Cricket History it got best ever response later in 2021 Cobble Enterprises Started Manufacturing Accessories of Cricket range include Gloves,Balls, Wickets,Tapes,Grips, Helmet etc. Cobble Enterprises Industry also started manufacturing Sports Wears (Trouser,Shirts ,TrackSuit) which will be available on their Retail Store Sooner....